About Flying Avocado Whole Foods LLC

                       The Flying Avocado Whole Foods  llc




 A magical dining adventure located in Upper Bucks County, PA.,created by   Chef Peg Fagan, a whole foods chef and baker extraordinaire. Chef Peg  has cooked in every conceivable venue and has now decided to bring her experience in lusciousness to your door. You can partake in Peg’s creations, made to order, every day if you like or once /twice/thrice a week. (don’t know what the 4th word would be)

~~~ $50.00 minimum (meal for 2 +)

If you want, your food can be as organic as is possible~~~

100% organic will involve additional cost depending on your selection.

Carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, GF’ers, and food sensitive/allergic’s can all be delighted by Peg’s creations. Special diets not a problem. Fussy eaters barely tolerated……    🙂   just kidding,  fuss all you want!

Whole grains, fresh local seasonal vegetables, locally produced meats, & poultry, all join to create meals that will surpass all expectations….especially if you think that healthy means yucky!

The Flying Avocado Whole Foods llc~~lands at your doorstep with fabulous, scrumptious (and nutritious) meals!

267.337.4604 or pegthechef@gmail.com