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Sep 27

        I skipped through the summer without a thought to updating the website….the idea of sitting indoors on a lovely summer day is not appealing to an outdoors-woman like me. But now it is a rainy Fall day, too cool for the hammock on the screen porch so I have no excuse!

        I did manage to switch to a fall/winter menu where you will find some heartier offerings that go well with chilly weather, so do wander over the site to find out what’s new. And as always, your suggestions are most welcome.

        This time of year always makes me pine away for Cape Cod where I used to spend my solitary two week vacations on the bay in Brewster. I miss my little cottage; I rented the same one every year. I owned the bakery back then and worked ungodly hours, baking and baking and chatting up my customers. 6 days a week. All year. Every day. No breaks. When October came I’d get my friend Brigy to take over the baking, and along with Jessi (my sweet dog) and later, Buster ( my beloved boy who came after Jess) I would travel up to the Cape with the determination to not speak a word to another person for the entire 2 weeks. I’d be so tired of random, idle chitchat with people I did not really know, that my idea of the perfect vacation was just me and my dog and  the sound of the tide coming in and the tide going out.

       I’d get there and head straight for Fancy’s Farm Market in East Orleans for provisions: 1 qt of Portuguese Kale Soup, 1 qt of Clam Chowda, a couple of loaves of fresh bread, veggies, a sweet or two, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my table.  My next stop was the Cottage Street Bakery….Oh the muffins they made! And the Dirt Bombs!!!( more on them later)Having the absolute necessities covered I’d head to the cottage. After stowing my supplies and unloading the car, but before any other unpacking, I’d head down the stairs to the beach and proceed to run on the sand waving my arms about, and shout and sing and laugh…I want to think that I looked like Julie Andrews on the “Sound of Music” but it is more likely that I appeared to be totally deranged escapee from a mental institution. My dog would be in and out of the water and laughing and jumping with me, and so I’d spend a happy hour frolicking like a nut.

     Those were absolutely Perfect vacations, no matter what the weather. I had a stack of books, a beach to walk,  the ever changing tides to watch, and my dog by my side no matter where I was. I am sure I have rarely been happier or more content than I was in that cottage on the bay in Brewster.

     In the spirit of my Cape Cod longing and reminiscing, here is a recipe that I found that approximates the Dirt Bombs I used to buy and enjoy with my coffee in the wonderful chill of a Brewster bay morning. A guilty pleasure, I know, but life is short….

      Cinnamon Donut Muffins

Beat up 1c sugar & 3/4 c butter, very soft & 2 eggs.

Add 2 3/4 c flour (can use part whole wheat pastry flour), 1  tbsp baking powder. 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp nutmeg, along with a cup of milk.

Mix up well. Using an ice cream scoop, plop a scoop of batter in a well sprayed muffin pan (NO Papers!)

Bake 375* 20-25 min, until browned and firm.

Meanwhile melt a stick of butter in a bowl. Mix up 1/2  cup of sugar w/ a teaspoon (or more) of cinnamon.

Roll the piping hot finger burning muffins in butter, then in cinnamon sugar and put on a rack to cool.

**These are very dense, very rich muffins.  I find it best to have  a cut-in-quarters Dirt Bomb set on the counter to nibble on over the course of the day instead of sitting down and eating a whole one (they don’t call ’em Bombs for nothing!) . They are heavy and heavenly at the same time!





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