Christmas Traditions

Dec 21

Christmas Traditions

I remember when I was small, my Mom used to make piles of Christmas cookies: Snowballs, Jewels, Biscotti Regina, cut-out Butter Cookies, these bizarre looking chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies that looked like giant big toes, and more. Of course we all helped by mangling the angel cut-out and piling so much colored sugar on top that your teeth hurt just looking at them. But we also rolled the molten lava hot snowballs in powdered sugar, and folded the delicate cream cheese pastry over the jam when we made the Jewels
; the latter a good job for little fingers. The house smelled wonderful, and I remember our home as a happy place on those days.


Those memories are so precious to me. My Mom has been gone for 20 years now and I miss her terribly, especially at the holidays and my birthday(the biggest day of the year). I am so glad that she was such a wonderful baker (jello cake aside), and so very much into tradition. She actually made a fruitcake that I loved.

I hope all of you have a tradition or two that you share with your children, as those memories are worth more than anything I can think of.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Peace on Earth in this coming year.

As always, with hope, Peg

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