Flemington Farmers Market

Apr 01

Flemington Farmers Market









I have been enjoying my Saturdays at the Stangl Factory Farmers Market, meeting lots of new people and connecting with the public again. The life of a personal chef can be very solitary, and for as gregarious as I am in public, I am just as happy to be alone. It has always been my nature to enjoy solitude. Now I have a good mix of alone time and public time.

The market is a fun place to spend a day. The other vendors are pleasant, and I love the energy in the old Stangl Factory. So much was created there over the years! I have Nannie Fagan’s set of Stangl, the Thistle pattern, and I brought two of the bowls to use to sample out my quiches…..they have come full circle.

My Grandparents lived in Flemington, and I spent a lot of time there, right around the corner from the Dvoor farm. We drove out every other Sunday for dinner w/ Nannie and Grampa, oh what fabulous meals! Heart and artery clogging feasts of beef prime rib roasts, cream and butter drenched mashed potatoes, creamed cabbage, green beans w/ bacon and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Nannie was a wonderful cook who did not stint when it came to richness. She was not afraid of butter! I can still see her in my mind with her eggbeater, whipping up the cream while I poured in a slow stream of sugar. Yum, the deliciousness of licking the beater…

It is a bittersweet treat for me to go to Flemington, so near to where so many of my childhood memories were made. Nannie’s house has long since been torn down and where it was is the entry to an enormous development built in the fields where we played before dinner. But everything changes, some for the better and some for the worse. I don’t find good farmland being turned into housing developments to be a good thing, it never turns back, but it is the way of the world.

I have my memories and once a year I make Nannie Fagan’s Sunday dinner for Greg and his now grown children, so the legacy continues, after a fashion. And I will be back at the market on Saturday with Nannie’s Stangl, ready to make new friends.  I hope to see you there!




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