Gone Away

Jan 01

Gone Away

So, after a busy year and even busier holiday season, I am heading south for parts unknown. 2 weeks on a deserted tropical island seems like just the ticket, and I am going to try to get as close as I can…..No TV, no internet, no radio, no nothing but sun and sand and donkeys.

Life in the retail world can be fun most of the time, it can be irritating part of the time, and is exhausting all of the time! I have great private clients and I love all of them. They are very patient with me and give me a leeway that would be impossible in any other setting. If I was working for someone else, I’d have been fired 100 times over for various infractions that my clients laugh off and say no worries….that’s not to say that I have never been fired, but that’s a story for another occasion. I love my job best because I can fire myself and I always have a job the next morning!

That being said,  as much as I enjoy my endeavors, cooking is a laborious process, and it tends to suck up all of my energy by the end of the week. If it weren’t for Saturday and Sunday at home (no more Saturday market, yay!!) and Monday & Tuesday babysitting our wonderful grandbabies (which is another 20 hrs of work, really, much as I adore them), I think I would find work to be a less enjoyable process. But I have plenty of time to recoup after 30 something  hours of cooking and delivering in my 3 day window. and all is well.

But in spite of enjoying my job and my clients and my random walk-in customers in Milford, I need a break. I am headed to an undisclosed location for 2 weeks of R&R…a.little kayaking, whale watching, fishing, snorkeling and napping in a hammock and not necessarily in that order will be my occupation for the next 3 weeks.

Thank you for visiting my site and look for me to be home again by the 22nd of January.

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