Home Made Yogurt

Mar 18

I started making my own yogurt a long time ago, stopped, content to buy it, but have started up again out of a desire to have a local product, a better product and a cheaper product. My crock pot has been busy ever since. Crock pots are a marvel. I use mine for so many things that don’t turn into pot roast, and yogurt is definitely the best and easiest. I buy my milk (skim) from a local egg farm. It comes in glass half gallons from a farm not far from here. It is not certified organic, but contains no antibiotics, hormones or gmo’s, so I am satisfied. It is not pasteurized to death which helps it make really good yogurt.


I started with an organic plain greek yogurt, just one half cup. I heat the milk to 185* in my crockpot,  then set the crock on the counter to cool to 110*. I dump my half cup of saved-from-the-last-batch yogurt into the warm milk and put the cover on. Just like swaddling a baby, I wrap the crock snug as a bug in 2 layers of towels and place it gently into my old fashioned oven (with the pilot light always on ). I go to bed, and wake up to a miracle! A jiggly, firm-ish white mass with whey sloshing around the sides is the end result. Hooray!

I pour the finished product into 2 wide mouth mason jars, saving the last bit for the next batch. Since I use it mainly for green smoothies, I don’t bother cheese cloth draining. The whey has a load of protein and I don’t want to pour that down the drain! A cup of yogurt, a cup of coconut water, 1 ½ cups of mixed fruit, a tbsp of spirulina and the rest of the blender jammed with the green of the week and away we go…blend, smush, add water, blend some more….green smoothies for 2.

So while writing this my milk has cooled to 110*. Time to bed it and myself down for the night. I hope you try it!

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