How to Cook Whole Grains

Feb 27

How to Cook Whole Grains

Cooking Grains : The basics~Brown Rice, Quinoa, Farro, Kamut: 

I know that a lot of you want to incorporate more whole grains in to your diet, but how to cook them? Here I will provide a couple formulas on the more common grains to get you started….after that it’s off to YouTube for you!

Brown Rice: I like short grain rice for its chewy texture, but the formula is the same for long or short grain. OK.

1 part rinsed rice to 2 parts water or broth, a splash of white wine, garlic cloves, your favorite herbs & a teaspoon of good olive oil in a pot with a good fitting lid and a heavy bottom. Take a clean dish towel and wrap the pot lid with it, securing w/ a rubber band (see photo, doesn’t that pot look ready to party?)

Turn heat on to Medium, with the lid off (and away from the flame…). Bring to a simmer, turn the heat way down, and put that fancy hat/lid in the pot. Set your timer (very Important ) to 45 min. and go do something fun. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PEEK UNDER THE LID!!!   Bing!! Take the pot off of the stove and again, minding your own business, (no peeking)set it on a trivet for 10 minutes.
Bing!! (assuming you set a timer for the 10 min.) Remove the lid and Hey presto! Perfect Rice! (this is a technique I picked up from an old issue of Cook’s magazine and it works like a charm every time….don’t want to not give credit where credit is due…)

Quinoa (keen-wa, not kwin-o-ah) : An ancient seed from South America

1 part rinsed (rinse grain[actually a seed] in a FINE seive) quinoa to 1 part water or broth, a splash of white wine, garlic cloves, your favorite herbs & a teaspoon of good olive oil in (or apple juice for a breakfast treat) a pot with a heavy bottom. Bring to a boil, turn heat down and simmer briskly until the seeds sprout, about 15-20 min. If making a cold salad, add your dressing  now, while hot.That’s it!

Now add sauteed Veggies for a hot side or main dish, or  Cinnamon, Maple syrup &/or Fruit for breakfast, or cool, and add an assortment of raw veggies for a Delightful, protein packed Salad.

Farro: An Italian grain with a wonderful chewy texture:
In a pot w/ a heavy bottom, put one one part rinsed farro to 3 parts water, broth, a splash of wine(notice a theme here?) (or apple juice for breakfast faro) and a tsp of good olive oil.  Bring to a brisk simmer, and let it go for 15 minutes or so until the grains split open. Taste for chew, as that is a somewhat subjective  thing…I like mine wicked chewy, while you might like yours a little more tender. That’s it, now you have a lovely cooked grain to have hot, as a pilaf, cold as a salad ( add dressing while grain is hot) or for breakfast with fruits & nuts.


Kamut: An ancient grain from Iran, twice the size of regular wheat*.
Rinse and soak your Kamut in cold water overnight. Leave a double margin of water as it soaks up a lot. Drain it. 1 part Kamut to 3 parts liquid of your choice (see above) Bring to boil and simmer 30-45 minutes depending on how chewy you want it. Now that it’s cooked, do what you will! If you have reached this point, you get the idea!
*This is the same process you would use for wheat berries. 



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