It’s Winter, Feed Your Skin!

Jan 21

After being away for 2 weeks on what turned out to be a beautiful nearly deserted island surrounded by unbelievably turquoise waters, coral reefs and white sand beaches, coming home to the bleak of winter in Pennsylvania is an almost painful proposition. But holidays don’t last forever which is why they are so keenly anticipated and so special and never long enough…

But I am back and  that means it is time to start cooking…..what I made this morning is sure to surprise you. Like soup is food for the body and a sandy beach food for the soul, my creation is food for the skin, literally. I hunted around on the internet and made up  a formula that is so smooth and creamy, so citrus-ly herby that  it is soothing to my skin and my soul! Hand crafted body butter, and it is fabulous, if I say so myself.

I started with a small sauce pan. I used 1/2 cup of shea butter, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 1/4 cup of avocado oil (of course) and a tbsp of macadamia nut oil, all organic (not that coconut or avocado oils have to be organic: they are organic by their very nature). Over very low heat, I slowly warmed this mixture until everything was melted and blended. Off the heat, in went 25 drops of organic essential lemon oil, 15 drops of organic essential rosemary oil and 5 drops of organic essential geranium oil. After stirring, I put the little pan of goodness into the freezer for 25 minutes, until there was still liquid, but mostly solid around the edges, and when I stirred it up it was the texture of mayonnaise. Then it went into the bowl of my mixer fitted with the whip and I whipped it up to a creamy white  thickness. It is now resting in 2 little jars, one for work and one for home. Easier than pie and cleaner by far than “moisturizer” from the drug store. No artificial anything, nothing but pure organic ingredients. My hands feel soft as a baby’s bottom, for a change!

I recommend that you try making your own…lavender with a shot of peppermint would be a good combination…that’s next, then something with sweet orange oil and sage or a sugar scrub with fresh herbs…..Wow, look! A whole new product line!

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