Mild Winter

Mar 05

Mild Winter

It seems as though we are not going to have a real winter this year.  Last week the air has a feeling of Spring: it was beyond the edge of warm & the birds were singing. I saw a pair of chickadees flying in and out of one of my birdhouses…were they looking to nest or just find a warm hideaway for when it does get cold? I have  lonely & confused Snowdrops blooming along my walkway, and more daffodils pushing  up through the dead leaves of Autumn, weeks ahead of time. Just the name Snowdrop implies that there should be snow, doesn’t it? I should not say anything, lest we  have a blizzard next week! Still, in spite of the mild weather last week, that tease of Spring,  it looks bleak outdoors, and makes me want to cook pots of soup and a warm crusty loaf of bread.

I also want to tuck a wad of lint into the birdhouse so my Chickadees can stay warm when the frosty, inevitable March winds begin to blow.


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