Moving on Again

Jul 30

Moving on Again

To paraphrase my Grandmother: when one door closes a window opens…..I have been offered to share a new commercial kitchen space in Milford NJ. From home it is ten minutes down the valley and across the river, right on Bridge (main) Street. It is a clean, bright place with retail frontage if I decide to go that route. For those of you not familiar with Milford, it is a sleepy little river town (I love it!), not commercial or overrun with tourists like Frenchtown, but it has the distinct charm of days gone by. People are friendly there, the parking is good and the river is at the end of the street…What more could I want? 

My plan right now is to move myself in through August and start cooking there the 2nd week of September. My sister is coming in from Spain the first week, so she gets top priority.  I am going to cook for my personal chef clients Wed, Thu, and Fri, and will provide a special order take out service for customers who are craving Basil Walnut Pesto, Mojo Verde, Dirt Bombs, Pies, Birthday Cakes (think Coconut Cake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake w/ Peanut Butter Frosting…), and anything else from my menu that gets ordered. Pick up times will be Friday late afternoon and maybe Saturday mornings. 


I am not jumping into retail food sales because Milford has little foot traffic, and I do not want to fill a case with food that I cannot sell and end up throwing away. Special ordered food is another thing all together….plus I will still be delivering to my clients in Flemington on Wed and Thu afternoons. 

That’s my plan now, of course always subject to change. (Milford is a definite) What will never change is my dedication to crafting delicious, clean, whole foods for all of my customers with great pleasure and Big Love!

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