Multi-Grain Bread

Dec 27

It’s almost January, and January (and February and March….) is a perfect month for making bread. It’s cold and usually snowy, rainy or windy or all of the above. If the aforementioned weather falls on your day off, then setting some bread to rise is a wonderful way to warm up.

Here we go:

½ c multigrain hot cereal

1 ½ c warm milk (or water)

1 scant tbsp dry yeast

3tbsp butter (or oil or Smart Balance)

2 tbsp honey (or 1 tbsp agave)

1 ½ tsp salt

3 1/2 – 4c whole wheat flour (2c bread flour, 2c whole wheat, and no gluten)

t tbsp vital wheat gluten
You can add flax, sesame, & sunflower seeds,  & millet, up to 2 tbsp or so each


Pour the cereal into a pot and add water per box directions**cool (spread it on a plate and let stand)

Heat up milk to just warm to touch

Pour into large mixing bowl

Add yeast and stir a bit to dissolve

Add butter, cut in bits, and honey & multigrain cereal

Stir again

Add 2c flour and beat well with a sturdy wooden spoon

(if you have a Kitchenaid mixer, use the paddle and mix on med. speed)

Add remaining flour  1/2 c at a time and mix to a moderately stiff dough (w/ dough hook)

(w/ Kitchenaid, switch to dough hook and mix 10-15 minutes, ’til dough is smooth. Add flour as needed. You can proceed to balling up the dough and put it in your oiled bowl))

Dump dough out of bowl onto a floured board.

Knead well, adding more flour sprinkle by sprinkle to keep dough from sticking. Slap the dough around on the board for at least 10 minutes…..set a timer 🙂

Spread oil (or spray w/ pan spray) in your bowl and plop the dough ball in it and flip it over a few times. Cover w/ a damp dish towel

Let it rise to double in a warm place (by the wood stove, in an oven that has been turned on to 200* for 5 min & turned off) This can take up to

1 ½ hrs


Punch the dough down shape it into a ball & return it to it’s bowl and warm spot

Let it rise to double again.

Spray or grease a 9” bread pan

Dump the dough onto the board and flatten it out to an oval.

From the narrow end, roll up into a loaf-like shape that will fit in your pan

Cover with a towel, and let rise again, to 1” above the pan edge

Preheat oven to 350*

With a sharp knife, GENTLY cut a slit down the length of the loaf

Place in oven and bake 40-50 minutes, until the bread sounds hollow when tapped.

Remove from pan and set to cool on a wire rack, and viola! You’ve warmed yourself and your kitchen at the same time, not to mention created a fragrant environment that is worlds away from the windy, snowy, rainy cold outdoors.

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