Nest Eggs

Jan 29

Nest Eggs


I worked for a while at a “health food store”. It was a job I enjoyed for the most part, more for the camaraderie with my co-workers (who were all so young as to seem like babies to me) than anything else. It was fun to cook for them. They were so appreciative of the foods they got to try….I was always testing recipes and needed willing tasters, of which there was no lack. They would try anything.


I had one young friend in particular who said something that warmed my heart and still does. He told me that he never really thought about the meaning of food and eating. Through me(and my constant feeding him, he’s so skinny!) he learned that food was love, a connection, that sharing a meal was more than just sitting down at the same table, it was the essence of love and community. If that is all I ever teach anyone in my life, I will be satisfied.


There was another young man who was my recipe collaborator. Jacob and I sat with our heads together dreaming up combinations of foods and then I’d make them and we’d taste them and adjust them and analyze them until we felt we’d found perfection on a plate. I found in Jacob a kindred spirit. He was so knowledgeable about food and so adventurous for someone so young. When he told me he was leaving I cried. I knew I wouldn’t last long there without him. There was no one else in the store who shared my passion for the creation of good food. I counted on him to try everything and give me an honest critique. His input was at times invaluable, his imagination knew no bounds, and he ate everything with a zest and enjoyment that I have never seen in anyone, before or since.


We created the ‘Nest Eggs’ when my boss had one of his silly ideas to try to serve breakfast and I was making up menu items. What an adventure into deliciousness! Every version, for days in a row, was better than the one before.


I just made them for Greg and myself for Sunday brunch. You start with whole wheat English muffins, smeared (you want a good shmea) with herb and garlic cream cheese. Top that with Canadian bacon (or regular, either work) , then a nice ‘nest’ of arugula. Nestle a poached egg into the arugula add a sprinkle of scallions and a grind of pepper. There you have it. Nest eggs. Fabulous. Thank you, Jacob.



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