Spring is Coming, but Summer is Here!

Mar 10

Spring is Coming, but Summer is Here!

The thermometer in my car read 78* as I drove home from my many errands…today March 10th. It was as warm yesterday and will be again tomorrow. Now I know that the first day of Spring is right around the corner, but this is a little too much too soon! I am not good with abrupt change, I need to ease into things. There’s no controlling it or good in complaining, so I’ll let that subject be.

I have been remiss in keeping this site updated, and when I look at it now it seems out-dated. Some of the menu items I haven’t made in so long it would be a culinary adventure to try them again. This is because my wonderful clients have become so confident in my ability to feed them, they leave the menu to me.  The sad fact is that so many are limited due to food allergies or sensitivities, and I have always been pretty good at odd food combinations. I do have a customer who enjoys planning the menu with me on the phone, and that works out well too.

My original goal still holds true: to provide delicious, nutritious,  whole foods to my clients….nothing artificial or processed, no preservatives or additives (other than love), with an eye to good nutrition and best of all: fun! Preparing food should be done with joy in one’s heart and dining should be a most pleasurable experience shared by friends and family with grace and gratitude.

It pleases me still, to think of people sitting down to one of my meals and enjoying the entire experience and I really hope that I can make a positive difference in the way we think about food and eating.grands



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