Aug 21


Ah, the heat wave is over.It was in the 80’s today with low humidity and I finally got around to some weeding in my neglected vegetable & flower beds. What a wild jungle they have become! With all of the rain in June (over 10″) I have beautiful displays of day lilies, my trumpet vine is huge with cascading greenery that ends with a hummingbird’s delight, brilliant orange trumpets, more blooms than ever!

I am thrilled with my gardens this year, and happiest today to get my hands in there and clean them up.

The rainbow chard was being overtaken by bolted spring mix lettuces (my natural, edible spring mulch). The Italian parsley patch was too shaded by a volunteer some-kinda-squash, that I haven’t had the heart to pull, loving the bright blossoms just begging to be stuffed with some savory concoction. My kale bed was in pretty good shape other than the older leaves looking lace-like from  unscrupulous dining by various kale eating bugs. But best of all are my huge tomato plants, taller than me….all six plants that were labeled as organic variety heirloom tomatoes, but grew up to be all yellow sweet as candy cherry tomatoes instead….at first I was dismayed and disappointed…no fresh from the vine tomato sandwiches this summer! But as the summer has progressed and the  clusters of little beauties have ripened, I am enjoying them, picking the ripest and popping it in my mouth, warm from the sun…Yum, sweet! I have the pick of Chickadee Creek Farm’s organic tomatoes on Saturdays,  when I am selling at the Stangl Factory Farmer’s Market, so I can’t really complain. It’s the best of both worlds.

I love summer, I love the lush green, brilliant colors of all of my flowers, the chittering of the hummingbirds, the plaintive cry of the broad-winged hawks as they soar over my house and the buzz of the cicadas in the heat of the day. I have not yet succumbed to the lure of air conditioning, even through the 100*heat we just survived~ awaking to a chorus of bird song in the morning and being lulled to sleep by  the buzz of crickets and katydids at nightOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA is something I am not ready to give up, and hopefully never will.

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