Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

Jan 06

For this recipe you need a food processor, it is impossible (and messy) in a blender, or to make by hand. If you do have that handiest of kitchen toys then give this pesto a try. It is so yummy and versatile, and lasts forever in the refrigerator.

So, take about a cup of organic drained sun-dried tomatoes (the packed in oil kind) and toss them into the bowl of your food processor, saving the oil.

Throw in a few peeled cloves of garlic ~ I like lots of garlic but 5-10, to taste, as a guideline ( see back to the butternut squash recipe for peeling garlic in bulk) If you are low on time, you can buy the already peeled garlic, but I find that the cloves smell and taste different (and forget about that nasty jarred chopped stuff they call fresh garlic, blegh) , and so prefer to peel mine fresh.

Next, add your choice of nuts, about 1/2 cup.…pine nuts are my fav for this, but you can use any nut, walnuts are good, almonds add a subtle crunch

Then grate up a cupful of good Locatelli Romano ( an Italian sheep’s milk cheese that is salty and goooood) and throw it in. Don’t be cheap

Turn your processor on and with it running add the oil from your tomatoes and then a good quality (I use organic) Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pour in a steady thin stream until the pesto is a medium thick consistency…thicker than mayo, but not pasty.

TURN THE MACHINE OFF and stick your finger in to taste for salt ( or if you are cooking for others, like me, use a spoon!) Add salt ( I use sea salt) and fresh ground pepper (I never use pre-ground pepper) to taste. Give it a few more spins and …

That’s it, you’re finished!

This pesto is great as is on pasta, add a splash of heavy cream to mellow it out, make pesto-mayo for panini sandwiches, dab it on baking fish or chicken, or when grilling veggies…..with quinoa for a sassy salad….there is no end…toss it into scrambled eggs, etc etc………………………..oh hell, just spread it on some crusty bread and enjoy!

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