Thoughts on Allergies….& Organics

Jul 01

It is a curious phenomenon, that of children with so many food allergies.  I hear

about it all of the time, the usual suspects being peanuts, dairy, eggs & gluten

(a huge problem in the adult world as well)but now the cast of characters is

growing: all tree nuts,  certain vegetables, cane sugar, soy, seafood and more.

It begs the question: why are so many children (and adults)  afflictedwith these

allergies now? In my mind, it seems to be {obviously}an environmental problem.

I’m sure that when I was growing up in the 1960’s &70’s we certainly

ate our share of chemicals.  I do not know how many insecticides/pesticides/

weedkillers and other toxins were introduced into the food stream back then,

or what in the way of genetically modified foods were being consumed.

Experiments  were going on~I remember the talk of square tomatoes that would

fit in the crates without bruising and monster strawberries that

never go bad, both of which are in stores now…”hybrids” ~

but I do not know that we ate  many GMO foods back then.


Nowadays   unless food has the USDA Certified Organic label on it,

you can be  sure there are toxins & GMOs in there somewhere.

(And I must say, I do not think that we should have too much confidence that

the USDA can be totally trusted with certifying anything).


I know that  my childhood was not devoid of toxins. I remember when

the trucks would drive down our street spraying DDT and the gods

know what else, to kill mosquitoes. Where would we be?

Not hiding in the closet with a gas masks on, but wheee!!!! riding our

tricycles right behind the trucks in that fun smelly cloud of noxious

chemical mist. Oh, my head hurts to think of it! My father sprayed Clordane

and Lindane  around outside to eradicate the dreaded termite and ant

infestations that threatened to leave us homeless after the ravenous little

creatures nibbled our house to dust.


Both of my parents were chemists ( as are my brother and sister-in-law,

oh the dinner table conversations at my house, but that’s another story) and

my parents saw nothing wrong with wholesale spraying of what we now

know are noxious toxic chemicals  all over the neighborhood.

As my father [always] said, ” Life itself would be impossible without chemicals”

when I wanted to plant an organic garden in 1968 ( and of course he is right,

I just don’t  want to eat them!).


But there is a reason why my mother, a fit, non-smoker, with no

family history of cancer ended up dying of metastatic breast cancer at age 62

(when her parents and grandparents lived to their late 90’s), why I too

have shared that legacy handed down by Mom, (not exactly as nice

as the opal ring she left me). I am fortunate that my breast cancer diagnosis

came at the cellular level and I am fine, but vigilant.

I eat as organic as possible, use non-toxic cleaning products &

let the ants roam free.


I believe that the routine use of toxic chemicals has taken a toll on people

of my generation, with neurological diseases & auto immune diseases

among others , and since these chemicals linger in our bodies


perhaps the problems of our children and grandchildren as well.

A sad legacy, indeed.

Just some thoughts on being human guinea pigs…………..and why eating as

organic as possible may be a good idea…..

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