Time for good local food, delivered!!

Feb 10

Time for good local food, delivered!!

We are a couple of months into the new year , and who among us has not make a resolution to eat healthier in the coming year….only to fall off that flimsy wagon and stop for a slice on the way home…yes, you know who you are! Flying Avocado can save you from the scourge of the easy slice! You can drive home knowing that you have your supper made and ready to be heated up and eaten. Away with the greasy slice! (although a slice-o-pizza is not the worst thing you could eat….)  No way, nasty fast food!   Eww worm burger, be gone!! Come home to a bowl of Portuguese Kale Soup, or a plate of Sesame Noodles or Organic Veggie Stir-fry….or any of the other delightful offerings from the weekly menu. Chef Peg will help you stick to your resolution and at the same time, you will help her stick to that same resolution….(yes, she does have a pizza weakness…) It’s a win-win for all of us!

So take a look, and let me know what you would like and we can start down a healthy road together. Hooray for 2018!!!!!                                                                                      


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  1. Thanks for the Carrot cake Peggy, you are the best!! About to eat it now! : )

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